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Charming Beauty Nici Dee Gets Naked

How To Know When a Hot Girl Enjoys Rough Sex

When it comes to sex, consent is imperative. We all should understand that. But when it comes to rough sex, there comes a second layer of consent. Just because a sexy girl consents to sex, doesn’t mean she wants to be spanked until her ass is purple. But when it comes to women’s relationship with rough sex, the numbers certainly are favorable to the experience.

Studies say women enjoy rough sex. This doesn’t mean all women enjoy it, nor should you act under such assumptions. It means that odds are favorable that a woman you like may consent to a rough sex experience.

Many guys are shy when it comes to discussing their wants and needs, mostly because they feel insecure that they will come off as weird. But lots of women share the same desires, but they too choose to conceal. So its always worth a conversation.

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